Skincare Fails and Holy Grails.

Hello everybody, Welcome. I’ve been battling with my skin since I had my son almost two years ago. I never had any real skin issues before that, The worst I got was the odd hormonal breakout or an inconvenient spot right before a big night out. However, all that changed after giving birth and to […]

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Swatch It!: Lime Crime Perlees

Hello everybody, welcome to another installment of the Lime Crime Swatch It! Series. Today I’m going to be swatching the Perlees lipsticks. Much like the unicorn lipsticks which you can see swatches of here, The perlees are a classic cream formula in bullet style packaging. These do not dry down matte like a liquid lipstick […]

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Top Ten: Colourpop

Hello everybody, welcome to the first of a new series here on my blog. Each month I’m going to be sharing my “Top Ten” products from either a brand or a certain range from that brand. This week I’m going to talk about my top ten favourite products from colourpop. I have over 100 so […]

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